Energy Analysis





My experience in the field of energy analysis was primarily with Global Engineering of Corvallis, Oregon where I  developed expertise in the use of modeling programs such as PowerDOE, eQuest, and lifecycle program such as BLCC . My primary work has been for the Department of Defense and private clients using building modeling software, data loggers and analysis tools.

Notable jobs:



Waialae Country ClubHonolulu, Hawai'iInvestigated feasibility of using a solar power station for golf cart charging.
Geothermal heat pump retrofitFt. Polk, LouisianaBuilding survey, modeling, and data collection to evaluate feasibility of converting 400+ buildings on base to geothermal heat pumps.







While engaged in the field I developed a building survey form for field personnel and developed spreadsheets for building energy modeling and pipe heat loss and wrote a paper on hotel room minimum setpoints.

I also developed a utility rate comparison concept for residential and light commercial customers. The rate calculators are realtively large (2 - 3 Mb) and may require the installation of free MS add-ons to function.

The links below will allow you to view these works.








Building Survey Form
Pipe Heat Loss Spreadsheet
Hotel Room Minimum Set Points
Utility Rate Comparison



















I have recently been studying and developing tools for the analysis of energy savings after Energy Saving Measures (ESM) have been installed. These tools include the normalization of data for weather and the use of Simple Payback and Return-On-Investment calculations for ESM. I have also developed an integrated set of spreadsheets and databases to facilitate ESM analysis and to present the non-technical client with an easy-to-understand report that improves their understanding of actual energy savings. These tools can also provide a reasonable approximation of annualized energy savings from partial-year data.

Based on conversations with Oregon Energy Trust engineers and contractors in the residential market I have developed a suite of energy analysis tools for the residential market. The intent was not to replace professional programs already available but to enable rapid and reliable residential analysis and improve my understanding of the process.

You can view the website set up for this analysis here.