Our mission is to provide comprehensive electric utility information for energy professionals and for those wishing to compare rates or find out more about their local electric utility. This concept started as a resource for energy professionals but is continuing to evolve; particularly the section on BMEA.

You can find out how we approach this task by clicking on the Methodology link. If you want to view our electric utility Area-of-Service (AOS) maps there is a link for that. These maps also provide specific electric utility information.

If you want to compare rates or see how your electric bill will change under various rate structures such as buying blocks of green power, click on the Rates link. The rate calculators require the user to have Microsoft® Office Web Components installed. These may be obtained at the Microsoft ®website. Please note that many of the rate calculators are 2 - 3 MB in size so we recommend a broadband connection. They also use Active-X controls that some browser/firewall settings may disable.

We also offer a Building Modeling and Energy Analysis (BMEA) service. By using building modeling software we can show property owners and tenants how various energy-saving modifications and strategies will impact their electricity usage. We offer this to residential customers as well as to the more traditional commercial market.

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