Union County is served by: 

Oregon Trail Electric Co-op
Umatilla Electric Co-op

If the Input Form is not visible, click on the selection tab at the bottom left to bring up the form selections. Enter your average daily kWh usage in the indicated column. This information is usually found on your bill in the form of a graph. The numbers don't have to be exact. As you enter each value, hit Enter to scroll to the next input cell.

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These comparisons are for annual energy charges only. Demand charges are included where applicable. Comparisons do not include taxes, municipal adjustments, surcharges, or any other additional charges. For a complete listing of a given utilities rates and charges, click on the utility name at the top of the page.

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Rate type summaries:

Residential    -     Usually single-unit dwellings and individual apartments.

General          -    Multiple-unit residential, farm, commercial, and small industrial customers.